About Us

ENOSI Association Inc. is a non-profit organisation, fully reliant on donations andsponsorship. It has been formed by a group of close friends who have a strong passion for our community and a share in a common vision.Our purpose is to raise the much needed funds for a serious child illness that are required for the less fortunate within our community, that are donated 100% to the family.

Our core focus is to CONNECT in the vision of lending-a-hand to those in their time of greatest need.

To support with integrity; listen with compassion and uplift with dignity.

Whether it be in the form of assisting a family with their child’s medical expenses, providing a new support network to parents; or assisting with the building of disabled facilities for the family home.

All this is achievable with the support of members and sponsors (who will be promoted) to the ENOSI community, with an open heart and seeing the possibilities of how ‘giving unconditionally’ brings about enormous change, for a greater community spirit.